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Most Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors

Coffeesseur is a high-grade coffee marketplace spotlighting the best local roasters in Australia, where the pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee meets the artistry of roasters who score nothing less than exceptional. We handpick and present the highest-scoring coffees, crafted by master artisans.


Coffeesseur is the one-stop online shop for coffee lovers. As such, we cater to people who live and breathe all things coffee. When they come to Coffeesseur, they’re in the market for your coffee-related products, and they can find them and more all with the convenience of a couple of clicks. Listing on Coffeesseur helps you increase sales and expand your reach. Over and above those advantages, through Coffeesseur, expensive website costs become a thing of the past. Listing on Coffeesseur is more affordable, low-maintenance, and less admin that running out of your own website. The benefits of joining Coffeesseur are endless!

At Coffeesseur, we are committed to celebrating the highest standards of coffee craftsmanship. That’s why we’ve set the bar high, allowing only high-grade roasters to sell their exceptional coffee on our platform.

Coffeesseur is about all things coffee. Whether you sell barista courses or a coffee truck for events, if your services fit into the general umbrella of coffee, you can sell them on

Selling on Coffeesseur costs no monthly fees. We only charge a 15% commission when one of your products is sold through us.

You can edit products, upload new stock, and manage your seller profile through our vendor portal. Simply log in and get to work.

Yes! Coffee is a gift anyone would be thrilled to receive, and you can make the experience even more special. To offer gift wrapping or gift messaging to your products, enter the vendor portal and simply add the tag “Free Gift Wrapping” or “Gift Wrapping Option” to charge a flat fee.

Customers are more enticed to make a purchase if shipping is included in the cost. We market shipping over $100 as free, so work shipping into the prices you list on your products and enjoy more sales.

We don’t allow vendors to use their own shipping and postage costs because our customers may buy products from a variety of vendors. If each vendor in their order uses their own shipping costs, the customer will have to pay shipping for each vendor they want to buy from. This becomes expensive and off-putting for the customer.

If a customer asks for a refund or return, you will have 3 business days to reply before Coffeesseur must step in. If an order went missing, you need to either provide additional tracking details or offer a replacement or refund. If the buyer received a faulty or damaged product, or if the product doesn’t match the listing description, you need to offer alternative arrangements. If a customer simply changed their mind, how you respond depends on your vendor return policy. Make sure you specify who pays for postage and how long you accept returns.

When a customer orders your product you’ll automatically be notified with the order details via email. After that, you need to log in to the vendor portal, approve the sale, and prepare your order under the ‘orders’ menu. When your products have been shipped you mark the order as complete under the ‘orders’ menu and add the tracking details. Once you’ve done that, we process the order payment using your chosen payment method and you should have the payment in your nominated account between 3 to 14 days.

All Coffeesseur brands must have seller terms and conditions. They’re important because they lay out expectations for you and the customers. Being honest and open in your seller terms and conditions builds trust for you and the customer and avoids unwanted issues like disputes or other problems. Ultimately, good seller terms and conditions make for a positive experience for both you and your customers.

In your seller terms and conditions, you need to be clear about your transactions. Specify taxes and other fees, share shipping information, and include your return policy.

Coffeesseur is a great platform for coffee brands to get their name out there and simultaneously make sales. You can join the Coffeesseur brands by simply filling out the contact form.

Once you’ve set up your vendor profile, all you need to do is add products to get selling. To do this, log into your profile, click ‘Products’, then ‘Product Listings’, and then ‘Add Product’.

All Coffeesseur brands must have a Product Policy for each of their products. These policies lay out expectations for you and the customers, and clarify both parties’ responsibilities. Having a thorough Product Policy helps to avoid unwanted issues like disputes or other problems. In your seller terms and conditions, you need to specify taxes and other fees, share shipping information, and include your return policy. If all your policies are the same, you can simply include the link to your seller Terms and Conditions.

The SKU number is the Stock Keeping Unit number. It’s a unique number used to track inventory internally. SKUs are alphanumeric, and should outline the important product details like price, brand, type, and size, for example. There is no need to use the SKU value if you are not already using this system in your business.

You’ll find a space for additional product details when completing a New Product Form. Be sure to complete this section as it helps customers find your products on google. The title tag meta field is where you put the title of your product. A meta title will be what your customer sees when searching for a specific product online. The description tag meta field is where you summarise the product. Use words you think your customers use when searching for a product like yours. Do your best to entice users to click through from google to your product.

Product Tags help find and filter products on our site. Choose relevant tags that describe your product, like ‘coffee beans’, ‘coffee grounds’, and ‘arabica’ or ‘Colombian coffee’ for example. The name of your product must be between 10 to 42 characters. It should include a short description of the item as well as main characteristics like volume, or colour if your product is an equipment item.

Got a question our FAQs haven’t answered? We’re happy to help you with any further queries you might have! Simply contact our support and we’ll get back to you.

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