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The Importance Of The Water In Your Brew

  • by Ivan KNEZ
The Importance Of The Water In Your Brew

Something very important that sometimes we do not take into account when preparing a coffee, is the quality of the water we use. At home, many times we do not take this factor into account and we use tap water, however we forget that 96% of the beverage is water and the rest are the properties that we can extract from the coffee. So after knowing this fact, don't you think it is important to consider improving the quality of water? It is not about preparing your water from scratch to go to a championship, but I will give you a couple of tips that will make your preparation much better without having to invest or leave your home.

First, never let the water boil when you are heating it. When the water boils, you are allowing part of the minerals in the water to evaporate and if this happens, it will have a direct impact on the sweetness of your coffee, since the reaction between attributes will have much less chance of occurring. On the other hand, check the containers where you heat your water. Use materials such as ceramic or metals that you can easily keep clean, as often the sediment released by other products that you have heated in these elements can be transferred to the water and damage the brew.

Lastly, use your senses. Many waters are excessively treated to be potable, which makes the presence of chlorine and metals much stronger than normal and this can certainly affect the final taste of your cup. Use your sense of smell to feel the quality of your water and if you notice this type of characteristic, look for a mineral water in a supermarket and try to compare the results between the preparation with this type of water and the one you use regularly, so you will notice the change and you will get closer to that ideal drink. Already when you want to go much deeper into the water of your drink, you will have to think about the TDS, PH and filtered water, although at home you will not have to take it into account to get a great cup of coffee.

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