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The Importance Of A Good Grinding

  • by Ivan KNEZ
The Importance Of A Good Grinding

One of the most essential variables for that perfect cup of coffee that you are always looking for at home is the grind setting.There are times when in spite of having a fresh coffee, of using water at the right temperature, or having the ideal filter to prepare a pour over, you do not manage to make your cup shine as you expected.  So if the equation is supposed to be practically complete, what is going wrong? The grind size relative to all these things you're already doing right.

First, we must understand what happens according to the type of grind. In your mouth you will have the possibility of feeling sweet, salty, acidic, bitter or sour flavours, so we will always find a grind, which, depending on your recipe and the condition of your coffee, you can modify to find the perfect balance. One of the simple ways to notice that something needs to be improved is when you feel your brew sour; at this point you are probably using a very coarse grind, so you will have a finer grinding; but, if in your cup you feel a sour taste or a very invasive acidity, this time your coffee is telling you that your grind is too fine and that you should grind a bit coarser.

Now, let's move on to the second key impact that grinding has on your coffee. Normally you have a particular way of preparing your coffee, however as the days go by it is losing properties, so the time in which the water and the coffee are in contact is an important factor in achieving a balanced cup. When grinding finer, the water will have less space through which to go down, making your extraction more prolonged and concentrated; while when using a coarser grind, the coffee channels will be larger, so the water will go down much faster, diminishing the intensity of your beverage, which is recommended for the freshest coffees.

After this introduction to the importance of a grind, the only thing you will have to do is to start preparing your coffee in every possible way and look for that perfect recipe.

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