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The Coffee Varieties

  • by Ivan KNEZ
The Coffee Varieties

There is no place more suitable for a passion than discovering flavours. For this time, each date has not only a different origin, but also a size, a height on its tree, and finally, its own aromatic characteristics. To begin with, we must divide this story in two: Arabica and Robusta. Initially we will talk about Arabica, since it is the coffee that due to its delicacy, concentration of sweet flavours, its colour and its great plurality of bean types, occupies 75% of the world's coffee production. Its smoothness, its richness in fresh, fruity and floral notes and its tenuous acidity make it the most relevant variety.

From this different groups are derived, where they are classified by their intensity; their country of origin; their characteristics in the mouth such as body, acidity or density; and clearly, by their flavours, those that can range from spicy, to a sensory journey through peppery, to finish in a juicy trip through the fruitiest of bites. Moka, Bourbon, Gesha, Tabi, Typica, Caturra, among hundreds of groups, make this type of coffee a world of senses.

However, we cannot forget the other half of the story. The Robusta variety has the character that brings its name. A bean with a rounder shape, with strong yellow tones and with the characteristic that makes it striking: its resistance to plagues and high temperatures. This coffee has the facility to adapt to low altitudes, which makes its production more economical, more stable and much more homogeneous. However, the price of these facilities is assumed by its organoleptic characteristics: this variety will have woody notes, dried fruits and its flavors will be more bitter compared to the delicate Arabica.

Surely in that coffee that you are going to buy next time for your home, you will find not only the cup sensory description, but also the country of origin, the weight of the bag and if the variety is Arabica or Robusta. So with this small tour, you will have an idea of what will arrive at your table when you make that choice, then you will give place to a Robusta or an Arabica.

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