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Pour Over

  • by Ivan KNEZ
Pour Over

This kind of brew is the ideal relationship between time and quality. When you use a drip method, you are looking for a beverage with a prolonged but clean flavour; a cup in which you can develop a more consistent taste and where extracting the oils represents an increase in flavour quality thanks to the fact that the extraction is done by falling through a filter that will retain what you do not need to highlight and will allow the aroma and the fruity and floral notes to be the protagonists in your cup.

Here it will be important to consider how much time you want to dedicate, how intense you want your brew to be, how much time your coffee has, and above all, the love in the process. At home you can use any container to pour the water, however, if you have a goose neck jar, you will be able to control the strength with which you hydrate the coffee, allowing the beans not to burn and the coffee to go down steadily and smoothly. Here we should also look at the water/coffee ratio, where always think of ratios of 1 gram of coffee per 15 ml of water, or 1-16, as the range in which you will obtain a cup with strength and balance.

A key to the success of your preparation is the pre-infusion. When you are going to start, you should make a pour over for the same amount of coffee that you are using or double the amount, whose function will be to hydrate all the beans and at the same time allow all the aromatic properties to come out, allowing your coffee to breathe for the rest of the preparation. From then on, you can play with your coffee in any way you wish. You can complete the amount of water with a single pour over or with several, the idea is that you can develop your recipe according to the coffee you are using. Always establish a time limit, use medium or fine grinds to know your coffee and from this you will be able to prepare the perfect cup of coffee.

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