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Methods Of Coffee Brewing

  • by Ivan KNEZ
Methods Of Coffee Brewing

On the road to finding the perfect cup of coffee to go through an afternoon at work, or to have an appointment with your turntable while enjoying an ideal cup of coffee, you should always think about the how? And without a doubt, once you are immersed in the world of specialty coffee, you will want to start making your home your own coffee bar. So to begin with, you should think about different brewing methods that suit your tastes, your needs, your time, and the type of coffee you are looking to prepare.

We will divide into three groups of brewing methods. Initially, the methods of preparation by immersion, then we will find the beverages prepared by pouring over or percolation and finally we will talk about the preparations by the use of pressure. So let's start with the immersion methods. Here we have a very simple system to explain: this system allows the water and the coffee to be in direct contact for a certain period of time during which the beverage and the beans will be separated, as we normally see reflected through the plunger of a beautiful French press or the facility offered by a sachet for an instantaneous preparation.

Following on from what has already been mentioned, we must give way to the dripping methods. Here we will add a third element: the filter. In this elaboration we will not only pour the water over the coffee, but this must pass through a paper, metal or cloth filter, in which the drink will drip, allowing us to have a lighter drink, in which we will highlight the acidity and sweetness of the coffee. The shape of a chemex together with the particular porosity of its filters, a clean drink and with tenuous flavours; a v60 will make the drink a fast exercise and diminishing the bitterness of the drink thanks to its angles in 60 degrees.

Finally, we have the preparations with the use of pressure. Here we will find two poles: the versatility of an aeropress, where you can play with the temperature of the water, with the amount of coffee, with the size of the grind, with the quantities and you will always find a different but spectacular brew; or on the other hand, the espresso machine, in responsible of using high pressures to extract specific characteristics from beans that were roasted with this type of preparation in mind.

Now you only have to think about which is the method that will be first in the coffee bar of your home.

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