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How to Make Coffee at Home

  • by Ivan KNEZ
How to Make Coffee at Home

Sometimes, upon entering the world of coffee, we come across incredible coffees that we take home. On other occasions, we receive a special gift with an unspeakable coffee, or sometimes, we just search on the internet and make a purchase for our day to day before starting a day. However, the real headache is not to have coffee, but to prepare it in an adequate way, without ruining it and without spending a fortune in home equipment. Let us look at it in the following way: I want my coffee to keep fresh for a long time, so I bought it in beans, but I do not have a coffee grinder at the moment, what can I do?

Maybe you have thought of putting the beans in a bag and crushing them with a hammer; or maybe you took the pepper out of its mill and tried to grind the coffee there, but sometimes we can find simple solutions that will make your coffee a real break. Let's think of tools that we can get in the nearest supermarket: a strainer for your kitchen and an cheap food processor. These two objects will not only allow you to grind your coffee, but also to respect its profile by allowing your grind to be as homogeneous as possible once it has passed through the strainer.

That's it, we are now able to grind our coffee without sacrificing the car's fuel. Now let's brew it. Surely you've seen a French press, or if you're already a little further ahead, you want to prepare it in your aeropress or v60. But let's start from scratch: there are two fun options; a cloth filter that you can easily get or also recreate it in a handmade way; or you can use kitchen paper. Yes, you read that right, paper towels. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing, and if you have a picky palate, you may prefer cloth, but you can make it this way. Heat your water and do not allow it to boil, just leave it just before it reaches boiling point, find a container, and fold your paper towel in four equal parts, making a cone with its shape. Place the coffee in the paper or in your cloth filter and begin to hydrate the beans delicately with your hot water.

The step-by-step will be sponsored by your senses. Enjoy the aroma of your coffee in contact with water, and delight in calculating the proportions or quantities with objects easy to have at home such as a spoon and a mug. This way we will know the amounts of coffee and the water needed to make a cup delicious enough to tell your friends how easy it is to brighten your day with a good cup of coffee.

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