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How To Keep My Coffee Fresh

  • by Ivan KNEZ
How To Keep My Coffee Fresh

Regardless of the place where you are, coffee will always have multiple enemies that will make it start a countdown once it is opened. When you get home and prepare that first cup, humidity and heat will immediately begin their attack. Not only will the flavour be harmed, but leaving the coffee exposed to these variables can produce mould or fungi that will make it impossible to prepare. Having mentioned the main rivals for your coffee, let's talk about how we can prevent the premature ageing of the beans and how to improve their conservation.

The sealed bag is the first aid. If you see that you are going to undertake a long trip or that when you buy your coffee, you will have to leave home for a few days, avoid opening it before that situation. Wait for your return and you will surely avoid the degradation process to start. Now, if you have already opened your bag of coffee we should think of three options: a zip lock bag, where you can completely seal your coffee; a pair of tweezers where you can make sure that no oxygen enters the bag; or finally, an hermetic container where each bean is completely isolated from the external variables.

After having your coffee in the right container, we must think about the place. We must keep it away from the kitchen, to prevent the heat of the stove, or the grease that is always generated when cooking, from producing reactions. You should also avoid that the coffee receives direct light, since this also accelerates the oxidation process and in this way, it loses aromas and flavours much faster. Look for a cool material in which it can rest, use wood, use metallic trays or glass, where you can maintain a stable temperature and you will surely achieve that your coffee beans will always remain fresh at least 4 weeks after opening with great characteristics intact.

If you have your ground coffee, do not fall into the common myths: DO NOT USE THE FRIDGE. Ground coffee is the point where this fruit is most susceptible to external agents, so when using the fridge, it can absorb all the odours of whatever you have in your fridge. Fruits, vegetables, sauces, spices, liquors and so on. Try to keep it in a cool place, at room temperature and sealed and try to consume it as soon as possible.

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