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Guide to Buy a Good Coffee Online

  • by Ivan KNEZ
Guide to Buy a Good Coffee Online

First we must define some golden rules that will make the purchase of coffee not only a step through a web page, but a fun experience. Let's think in three steps: the whole bean, the quality-price ratio, and finding out the origin of our coffee. So far it sounds simple, but let's detail these steps one by one to make your next coffee purchase a guide for you and your friends.

Initially, it is necessary to understand what happens to the coffee when you buy it grinded. Your coffee will always come sealed, but by allowing the entrance of oxygen once the bag is opened, the oxygen will cause, as in all fruits, that your coffee will begin to oxidise. This means that once you have made your first coffee, the countdown will be from 2 to 3 days for your coffee to lose its aromatic properties and subsequently, its flavour will be nothing more than a date that you will not want to remember. So having said this, the solution is to buy your coffee in whole beans. This will extend its aromatic and organoleptic life by at least 4 to 8 weeks, depending on how you store it and protect it from oxygen, sun or high temperatures.

Now we come to the second point: should I always buy the most expensive coffee? Let's remember something important; at home, the good coffee will always be the one you like, not the most expensive one. So let's go to the point of value for money. In the world of coffee, prices increase not only because of origin, but also because of the special processes to which the beans are treated in order to develop new notes. Some have a special fermentation, others are not washed, other coffees have a type of roasting that is ideal for that variety, or simply an exotic variety that brings new characteristics. So when you look at the price of a coffee, do not only think about its flavour, but think about everything that the bean had to go through and the work of the coffee producer to bring it to your home, this will not only make your cup a different piece of art, but it will also make your buying experience worth every penny.

Finally, we must talk about traceability. Not always reading Kenya, Colombia, Panama or Ethiopia is the right signal. Look for stories, find the name of the producer of that coffee, look for the municipality, read about the variety and try to match these stories with what makes your palate vibrate. You will find municipalities that you have never heard of in your life, but when you understand how a coffee produced at 1800 meters has a more pronounced acidity thanks to the location of that farm, and when you see that the drying in beds in the sun allows you to feel peppery notes in a drink that is only water and coffee, you will feel that visiting your online portal to buy fresh coffee is a new adventure for every purchase.

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